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My name is Christopher DiCarlo, and I’m a professor of
philosophy of science and ethics who specializes in the research, publishing, and teaching of a field of study called Critical Thinking.

In fact, the CT in Fund CT.com means Critical Thinking.

Currently, my team and I are working on three separate research projects all related to Critical Thinking in different ways

Research Projects

Research Project 1: Critical Thinking in High School Curricula

The first research project involves the attempt to bring Critical Thinking to the Ontario High School curricula. I have had some success with the previous Ontario government’s Minister of Education, Liz Sandals. A pilot project for a year was approved and was extremely successful. But with the change in political parties, and the effects of Covid-19, it has proved to be somewhat challenging to re-introduce this program back into the Secondary School curriculum.

But try we must. For Critical Thinking comprises a skill set made up of tools that allow students to think more reflectively, more critically, in other words, better, about information. Critical Thinking doesn’t tell students WHAT to think; it teaches them HOW to think. WHAT they think is up to them. But our education systems rarely take the time to teach students HOW one can become a better, more empowered, and confident thinker.

Our hope is that once Critical Thinking is actively taught in the High School curricula, our attention can turn towards introducing it to the Elementary School curriculum as well.

I truly believe there is no greater gift we can give to our children than the capacity to think for themselves.

If you agree, then please help me in this capacity by donating below. What greater legacy could there be than knowing we have provided the next generation with the capacity to think carefully and critically about society’s most important issues and ideas. Feel free to click on some of the links below to learn more about this project.  

Introducing standardized critical thinking skills to Ontario high school students

Professor helping students develop a critical way of thinking

Meeting with the President of Ireland, Michael Higgins, to discuss the importance of Critical Thinking in the High School curriculum

Research Project 2: The Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Many of you will already be familiar with some of the recent developments in this field such as ChatGPT text technology, DALL*E-2 image creations, and video Deep Fake creations which make it extremely difficult to determine actual real events, from artificially-generated ones.

When we add to this, the rapid rate at which this technology is being generated and developed, we see a clear need to investigate, research, and inform the public on who’s doing what, where, why, and how?

Just as many of you are concerned about where this new technology is heading, so have we been working on staying on top and ahead of the advancements of AI technology in an attempt to make the latest discoveries and applications as transparent to the public as possible.

We are currently working to establish a world-wide registry of AI research that will track and record the historical advancements within the field in real time. This will be a vital source of information that will be made to the public at no cost. It will help not only to make AI developments more transparent, but it will empower anyone in the world to see and understand at what stages these developments are occurring in real time and whether or not there is cause for concern. 

If you are as concerned about the current and future developments of Artificial Intelligence as I am, please help me make this resource a reality by donating to this cause.

And feel free to click on some of the links below to learn more about this particular project.  

The OSTOK Project

Will Artificial Intelligence bolster or destroy humanity? Christopher DiCarlo on the future of AI 

How to Avoid a Robotic Apocalypse: A Consideration on the Future Developments of AI, Emergent Consciousness, and the Frankenstein Effect

Research Project 3: Critical Thinking Information Hub and Podcast

Podcast: All Thinks Considered [Coming Soon]

And finally, our third project involves the development of an information hub which will allow anyone to access various forms of Critical Thinking material for learning and educational purposes.

Visitors to this hub will find courses on Critical Thinking, resources, books, lectures, videos, and a wonderful new podcast I’m hosting called: All Thinks Considered.

This podcast is about ideas and issues considered and discussed through the lens of Critical Thinking. It’s also about how we can have intelligent discussions about ANY topic whatsoever and not fear censorship, or ridicule, or accusations, because we are doing so in accordance with the rules of Critical Thinking; hence, the impetus to consider ALL Thinks.

We have some very interesting guests on the show, from thought-leaders and scientists discussing the future of agriculture and cancer research (both without animals), to the most powerful leader of the Christian Right in Canada, to the son of the notorious Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church infamy, to the daughter of the greatest comedian of the 20th Century, George Carlin, these amazing people bring interesting, unique, and diverse perspectives to the current discussion of important issues.

Please join me as we consider all ideas, all issues, indeed, all thinks from some of the world’s most interesting people.

If you are interested in watching or listening to lively and educational discussions about important ideas and issues, please help us develop this, and other forms of educational material, by donating below.

The podcast will be available soon.

In the meanwhile, see Christopher DiCarlo – 10 Podcast Episodes

If you would like to discuss the details of any of these projects, contact us at:  info@fundct.com

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site. I very much appreciate your time, interest, and support in these research projects.